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High Life Every Indian Man Must Have This Just One Quality to Attract Women

Every Indian Man Must Have This Just One Quality to Attract Women

Hey, you Indian men out there! Want to attract women toward you? Then the only hit Mantra is being mysterious in more ways than one. Revealing everything at once will leave no option of curiosity. This is the only rule to not to reveal everything about yourself and let them be as curious as they can. But how can you make this possible if you are a man with lots and lots of words? Fret not! Here are some tips for you!

1) Not displaying much anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm

Always act normal or casual about the things no matter how much they mean to you. Never expose your fears and concerns. Your emotions will make you weak whereas not displaying them will make you seem more attractive and confident to her.


2) Be unpredictable

Try to control yourself and be unpredictable. This will put her in a dilemma of ‘what’s he gonna do next’ and that’s the kinda confusion you really want! For an instance, if you are a person who picks his girlfriend’s phone everytime she rings up then stop doing that! This will make her taking you granted. In fact, skip it sometimes so that she gets puzzled about why he is doing so and what will he do next!


3) Don’t be available all the time

Be it people or an object, the harder it is to get, the more people really really want it. The less availability of yours will make her keep wondering about you, like what are you doing and where are you?


4) Keep yourself a mystery by providing less information about yourself

The first rule of keeping yourself mysterious is not to reveal about yourself much. The psychology says the lesser the information available to someone, the more positives they attach to it. Don’t let anybody make obvious guesses about you!


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