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High Life This Is The One Thing That Women Look For In Their Male...

This Is The One Thing That Women Look For In Their Male Partners And Its Quite Disturbing

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You are in a healthy-wealthy relationship with your love lady and enjoying every moment your love life. However, ever wonder how good you know your female partner? What she exactly looked in you before committing?  

Good sense of humor, kind to animals, a six-figure salary, dressing sense your way of dealing people.

Or is it something else?

Apparently, women look for one and only thing in their male partners before getting into a serious relationship with them and this will distract you somehow! A study has revealed that women look for a unique thing in their male partners and for your kind information it has nothing to do with your Good Sense of Humour….

The study reveals, instead of that women are supposedly chase a man who resembles their brothers. Shocked? but it is true! Just think about that disturbing little nugget for a second. According to the search that was published in The Evolution and Human Behaviour Journal, asked participants to look at photos of men and then rank them according to who bore the greatest resemblance.

The scientists included photos of the volunteers’ partners and brothers, which they had also sent in. What the researchers found was “clear evidence for perceptual similarity in facial photographs of a woman’s partner and her brother.” 

The report also states that “familiarity seems to be attractive”, means women attracted usually to those whom they find having similar views, interests and tastes as that of their family members, in which case “maybe that is something that is coming into play.”



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