News Now Priests Offer Online 'Pind-Daan' Using Social Media

Now Priests Offer Online ‘Pind-Daan’ Using Social Media

You all might be aware of Virtual Reality. Well that sounds ok. But yet, you might not have come across the word Virtual Pind-Daan. Yeah you read it correctly. It’s a thing for real now.

Priests in major spiritual centres, including Allahabad, are using social media to compile a list of devotees who are seeking guidance to perform virtual¬†pind-daan, a post-death ritual for the ultimate relief of their ancestors’ souls.

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Pitrapaksha or pind-daan fortnight, which is set to begin on September 17, is a witness of changing times as large number of people have written to their regular pundits seeking advice on how to perform the ritual online.

Lakhs of people come to Prayag every year for the ritual but this year some devotees have expressed their inability to come to religious centres. They have appealed to their regular pundits to perform the rituals on their behalf on the banks of Ganga

–¬†said city-based priest Sanjay Pandey.

Over 300 persons from different parts of the country have sent details of their ancestors through social networking sites, email or WhatsApp, he added.

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Allahabad, Haridwar and Gaya are some of the most popular centres for performing the age-old pind-daan rituals. However, devotees have now started looking for alternate options to perform the ritual without having to travel outside their respective cities, prompting priests to be active on various social networking sites.

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