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Ooops! You Have Sent A Wrong Message To Your Dad On Snapchat, Here’s The Solutuion




So, your fingers slipped and you have sent a wrong message to the wrong person. Ohh! don’t worry it happens sometimes. But instead of consoling you, Snapchat is going to give you a solution for this. Yes! you read it right there will be a solution for your wrongly sent messages on snapchat.

As we know, the snapshot is known for privacy as if someone takes a screenshot of your chats and messages you will get to know that. Now, Snapchat is going to add a feature to delete the messages you have sent to your knowns accidentally. In upcoming weeks you are going to see this feature in updated versions of snapchat. when you will long click on a message in chat you will see the option of delete which means to delete it from both sides.

But don’t forget, it will work only if the receiver’s internet connection is bad or using the old version of snapchat. Because in latest version receiver will be able to see that this message is removed and it will work for that message that receiver hasn’t read yet.