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Entertainment Oooopps! On Stage Moments Which Celebrities Wish Never Happened On Stage

Oooopps! On Stage Moments Which Celebrities Wish Never Happened On Stage

Britney Spears

During a performance at her show piece of me show in Las Vegas, Britney Spears experienced an unfortunate yet hilarious hair malfunction that people were talking about all over the internet. As she performed her song “Do Something”, she looked absolutely amazing with long blond hairs and her skin-tight black jumpsuit. But suddenly, one of the singer’s blonde hair extensions got stuck off the back of her outfit. As Britney continued dancing, the piece of the hair dangled at the back of her costume.

Nicky Minaj

Nicky was performing at the “Fashion Rocks” event while wearing a really short embellished skirt that showed off her tush. As the rapper performed on stage, she used a chair as a prop and that’s when all heck broke loose. As Nicky performed dance moves on the chair viewers couldn’t help but her butt looked bit strange. The interesting angle of videos and pictures showed what appeared to be the butt implants on the rappers backside. This photo of Nicki and her tush spread over the internet.

Demi Lovato

During the 2015 Iheartradio Jingle ball concert in New York, she took the stage to perform some of her hit songs. As the singer was closing out her set for her song “Cool For The Summer” she didn’t notice that a mic was lying on the ground right behind her. As she tried to exit the stage, she tripped over the stand and fell right on her tush! Actually, it happened to her many times.

Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber

The year was 2015 and Ariana was in a relationship with Big Sean. Justin, on the other hand, was a single as a dollar bill. The two took the stage in Southern California for Ariana’s “Honeymoon Tour”.They performed the song “As Long As You Love Me”, and raised a lot of eyebrows. Justin got a little bit too handsy with Ariana, and he even wrapped his arms around her waist. The two stood close together as they sang their hearts out. Many people started to question if they were a couple, while others were worried that Ariana’s relationship with Big Sean was in danger. After the romantic and intimate performance, Big Sean sent out a tweet letting Justin know he neede to back away from his woman! The tweet was later deleted and days later it was revealed that Big Sean and Ariana had called it quits. If the performance with Justin had never happened, Do you think that Ariana and Big Sean would still be together today

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