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High Life Rasgulla Originated in West Bengal But It Also Has an Important Connection With...

Rasgulla Originated in West Bengal But It Also Has an Important Connection With Portugal

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In the past few years, we witnessed the West Bengal and Odisha’s battle over the invention of a sweet ‘Rasgulla’. Both the states were fighting to get the GI tag of this world-famous sweet. This quarrel began in 2015 when the Odisha government started efforts to get the GI tag to the famous Rasgulla sweet. Many Odiyas claim that the answer lies in the history of Puri in Odisha, where this 700-year-old sweet dish was part of a ritual. The government claimed that it was found in Pahala located on the highway connecting Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

On the other hand, Bengal had said that the invention of Rasgulla should be credited to them. It was reported that the heirs of the famous Rasgulla inventor KC Das are preparing a booklet with the help of the famous historian Haripada Bhaumik, who will confirm the invention of Rasgulla in Bengal. Many such documents were also sent to the Intellectual Property Office located in Chennai.

But do you know the idea was actually given by Portuguese?

Historians believe that Portugal had a great influence on the lives of the people living in the coastal areas in medieval India. In fact, after the arrival of Vasco da Gama in India in 1498, the number of Portuguese’s population increased here. Earlier these people had come to India for the purpose of trade only. After this, the navy took possession of India’s western sea areas with its power.

The Portuguese had a great interest in food. They liked the Fresh Cottage cheese, which they used to make by adding citric acid to boiling milk. At the same time, they also liked Indian sweets. Historians believe that during that time most of the cooks that worked in Bengali homes were Odiyas. They knew how to make Chhena. The Portuguese asked them to mix Chhena, Paneer and their fresh cottage cheese together to make a new dessert. And this is how the Rasgulla originated.

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