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News Osama Bin Laden's Head Was Burst Into Pieces With Bullet Shots, Shocking...

Osama Bin Laden’s Head Was Burst Into Pieces With Bullet Shots, Shocking Revelations By An Ex Navy Commando

6 years ago, the ex Navy SEAL commando who fired three bullet shots on wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, had revealed a shocking information about his death. Robert O’Neill has claimed that he shot three bullets on the head of Al-Qaeda’s chief, which made his head burst out into pieces. After that his head had to be put together for identification.
According to the sources, Robert’s new book ‘The Operator: Firing The Shots That Killed Bin Laden’ has come into the market for sale. In this book he has revealed some unknown facts about the death of Bin Laden. However, a book related to the operation that killed Osama in mysterious also came before.
Robert O’Neill has claimed that Laden was killed by his bullet shots in actual. The Ex SEAL commando said he fired three bullets on the head of Osama from a distance of few metres. Osama Bin Laden was killed in a building of Abottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by the team of a SEAL commandos of American Navy.
According to the book, there were total 6 commandos in the team with some sport staff members. As per the rules, the SEAL commandos or the associated members are prohibited to make revelations of any operation but Robert did that. The film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ based on the operation of killing Osama was also made on the revelations made by Robert O’Neill.

The book states that, when the Navy SEAL commandos were searching for Laden in every room of the compound, then they saw his son Khalid at sudden. He held an AK-47 rifle in his hand. Before he started the counter fire, he shot dead by the team. Then the search for laden further began. Laden used to live with his three wives and 17 children there.
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