News Osama Bin Laden's Son To Lead Al Qaeda, Plans To Take Revenge...

Osama Bin Laden’s Son To Lead Al Qaeda, Plans To Take Revenge For His Father’s Death

In a chilling revelation, former Federal Bureau Of Investigation(FBI) agent told a news channel that Osama Bin Laden’s son, Hamza is all set to take the lead role in the terror organization. The personal letters of Bin Laden that were seized during the Navy Seal raid revealed that even Bin Laden was confident that his son would take on the terror company.

Osama Bin Laden son Hamza
Source: BBC

According to The Indian Express, In an interview with CBS news, the man who led the investigation against Laden after 9/11 attacks, Ali Soufan said that Hamza wrote letters to Bin Laden in which he stated, “I consider myself to be forged in steel. The path of jihad for the sake of God is what we live.”

Soufan has further explained the several similarities between Laden and his son, “His recent message that came out, he delivered the speech as if it’s his father…using sentences, terminology that was used by Osama bin Laden.”

Osama Bin Laden

Soufan added: “He’s basically saying, ‘American people, we’re coming and you’re going to feel it. And we’re going to take revenge for what you did to my father…Iraq…Afghanistan’…the whole thing was about vengeance.”

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