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Osama Bin Laden’s Daughter-in-Law Was 1 Year Older Than Him, Son Married a 25 Years Elder Woman Already Having 5 Grandchildren

It’s been 7 years to the death of the deadly terrorist and Al-Qaeda’s chief Osama Bin Laden. After his demise, his giant family is living in the different parts of the world. There is no proper information about Osama’s all family members but news about his son Umar Bin Laden usually stay in the light.

Umar married a 25 Years elder British woman. His wife was even 1 year older than her father-in-law, Osama Bin Laden. Umar’s marriage news came in 2007 through British Media then Umar was 27 years old whereas his wife Jane was 51 years old.

Jane Filics Brown belongs to Cheshire city of Britain. She met Umar while enjoying her vacation in Egypt. Umar’s wife Jeena told that they both married in April 2007 and are happy together. Jane converted to Islam after marriage. She then her name to Jeena Mehmood from Jane.

But they had to live separately. Jeena was living in Chesire whereas Umar was in Qatar. jane tried a lot to get British Visa for Umar but the visa denied due to Umar’s family background. They were only connected through phone and internet.

How they got divorced?

In the year 2010, both of them decided to take a child via surrogacy. But their IVF treatment failed consecutively for the fourth time. Meanwhile, the news of them getting divorced came into the media. Jane claimed that Umar was mentally ill so she can’t live with him.

It was Jane’s 6th marriage to Umar. She was a mother of 3 sons and 5 grandchildren already. Also, it was Umar’s second marriage.

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