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Oscar winning film ‘Parasite’ Expected To Be Streamed Soon On Amazon Prime Video

Arpita Mackelvy



The audience is eagerly waiting for ‘Parasite’, the Korean film that won an Oscar Award in this year’s Best Film category.But now they may soon get the good news. We will soon see this film streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon India has given hint from its social media account. People are quite excited about this. 

Actually, Amazon Prime Video India has shared a post from its official Twitter account. This post has shared a screenshot, asking Google what the parasite means. After this, users are discussing ‘Parasite’ which will be streamed on Amazon Prime. Significantly, till now these films are not available on any online platform in India. However, it is available for rent on

‘Parasite’ is the first such foreign film, which won the Best Film Award at the Oscars. Prior to this, foreign films have been taking awards only in the foreign category. But they nominated this film for award in both categories. Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt starrer film Once Upon Time in a Hollywood has also been streamed online after the Oscars. We know this film for giving an Oscar Award for Best Sporting Actor to Brad Pit. He was awarded the Oscar Award for the first time as an actor. This film is also currently available on Amazon.  Apart from this, fans are also waiting for Yokin Phoenix’s film ‘Joker’. However, ‘Once Upon Time in a Hollywood’ and ‘Joker’ have also been released in India on Theaters.

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