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Entertainment Racism and Gender Inequality in Oscars? Academy's 2017 Invitation List Has Lot...

Racism and Gender Inequality in Oscars? Academy’s 2017 Invitation List Has Lot More to Say

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A list was revealed on Wednesday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which has the name of those people who are invited to join its membership this year. This list included a record-setting 774 names. Most of them are women and in order to understand why let’s go back to the years 2015 and 2016.

The Oscar nominations announced in these years let people lashed out at them because they did not feature any people of color among the 20 acting nominees. People showed their anger by writing hashtags on Twitter #OscarsSoWhite. After this in the year 2016, the Academy decided to boycott the Oscar Awards by recommitting to a prior vow to double its 2015 percentages of women and people of color by 2020. And also hinted, old white men who always had accounted for the lion’s share of the membership would lose their voting privileges.

Academy’s new member

This made incumbent members angry and they expressed outrage at the racist accusations put on them. Academy took the measures a year ago and admitted 683 new members with a maximum number of women members and people of color. As nothing comes so easy, this approach is also mired with a number of problems.

1) It let people make believe that the outside accusations are true that Academy’s nominations in 2015 and 2016 were problematic in the first place. And the racism does exist in Oscars.

2) Secondly, lowering the bar for entry into the Academy dilutes the credibility of the organization and the prestige of its awards.

3) When the 2017 set of nominations included various films and performances by people of color Many people, as well as Academy itself, noticed that the Academy’s course of action, as far as invitations, had been necessary and was working.

Well, if you all remember the 2016’s best picture awards for Oscar was won by Moonlight rather than La La Land. But not sure if it was in an attempt to show people that there is nothing like racism thing exists in the industry. God knows! However, it is also true that people of color are predisposed to vote for people of color and white people are predisposed to vote for white people as per the sources.

Academy’s new member from Bollywood

This is the reason why the Academy, with last year’s invitations, largely depleted the pool of women and people of color who have had the sorts of film-specific careers to merit an invitation.

Academy is doing every possible thing to eradicate even a one-second thought of racism and gender inequality like things exist in Hollywood. Its intentions are not to insult the talent of the actors or doubt their future potential. But it still fails to fix the industry’s diversity problems. Effective measures are needed to be taken. It needs to invite every member of almost every guild and comparable organization to vote for the Oscars.

The only black woman who won the Oscars for Best Actress, Halle Berry also shared her views on the racism and the working style of Hollywood and Oscars, ever since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed its nomination list for the year 2017. You can read what she said here: Halle Berry Made Controversial Comments on Working Style of Hollywood and Oscars


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