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Entertainment Our Beloved Diljit Dosanjh Has A Crush On Kylie Jenner And Here's...

Our Beloved Diljit Dosanjh Has A Crush On Kylie Jenner And Here’s The Proof

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Diljit Dosanjh probably is one of the most likeable celebrity across the Punjabi film and music industry but he has his fare number of fans across the whole of India and the world.

All thanks to his cute smile which slays the heart of millions of girls and his remarkable singing and acting skills. The guy can do it all !

But what most of us don’t know is that he is one of the Kardashian fam’s biggest fanboys. Yeah ! you read that right.

No, seriously. Diljit once spent an entire Film Companion interview imploring Kimye to help him get a pair of sneakers from their Adidas Yeezy Boost line.

He was actually supposed to promote his big Bollywood debut in Udta Punjab but he knows his #Priorities.

But while he’s a fan of the entire clan, his obsession with the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, is some next level shit.

“Stop it, you,” Dosanjh commented longingly on this Instagram of hers.

Dosanjh has been all over Jenner’s social media over the past few months, and has made no attempt to hide his feelings for her.

This intimate Insta, featuring her boyfriend Tyga, elicited nothing but exasperation from the Punjabi. (“Fittey Muh” loosely translates to facepalm here.)

In May this year, he name-dropped Kylie while performing at a concert in front of thousands in Birmingham.

Dosanjh randomly sang a verse about Jenner’s lips while in the middle of his set.

Then, in September, he released the video for his massive hit track “Do You Know”, starring an actress who can only be described as a Kylie Jenner-type.

A sample of the lyrics: “Do you know how much I love you? Do you know that I’d leave my home for you?”

Dosanjh has done everything to get Jenner’s attention since then, including tweeting the YouTube link at her.

He even invited her to work with him.

He didn’t even shy from accepting it, Dosanjh recently straight up admitted who he wrote “Do You Know” for.

The most unhappy ones are his female fans.

While some other have been amazingly supportive and have (unsuccessfully) tried their hand at wingmanning for him.

But there are not just supporters.

This dude’s rants against Dosanjh’s thirstiness have received almost 1,00,000 views on Instagram alone.

The 13-year age difference seems to be the main bone of contention amongst those on the fence.

But everyone is awaiting too see where this one sided crush and slightly creepy story goes next !

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