India has approximately 3.75 lakh Beggars roaming in the streets everyday to collect money for heir bread and butter. But most of us will be shocked to know that out of these around 75,000 of them are actually literate, having passed senior secondary certificate exams. In fact, 3,000 of them have professional diplomas, Graduation degrees or are even post-graduates, according to the Census data.


The literate choosing Beggary after their degrees failed to land them satisfactory jobs have turned the phrase “Beggars Cannot be Choosers”

“I may be poor but I am an honest man. I beg as it fetches me more money, Rs 200 a day. My last job of a ward boy in a hospital got me only Rs 100 a day,” said Dinesh Khodhabhai (45), a class 12 pass who can speak half-way decent English.

Sudhir Babulal (51) is a third-year BCom fail beggar who earns Rs 150 per day. “After my wife left me, where was the need to keep a house? I sleep on the riverfront and beg,” said Sudhir.

We know where we lack. But when are we going to do something about it?

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