High Life Fashion Outfit Mistakes That Can Make You Look Messy

Outfit Mistakes That Can Make You Look Messy

1) Hair Tie on a Wrist

One should put their hair tie on their hair or in their bag as it doesn’t look nice on your wrist. It can cause skin infection also. It is made for your hair otherwise put that in your purse and save your wrist for cute accessories.

2) Messy Bun

 Maybe you like it. but it looks nice only in some situations. if you are working women than it doesn’t suit your personality. So, just take some time to tie up your hair properly.

3) Hangnails and unkempt cuticles

Some people don’t notice that but many of us do notice these small things. It can ruin your impression if your nails are untidy. so, keep nails clean and tidy.

4) The wrong shade of foundation or powder

 No matter how dark and light your colour is, it suits you and it is made for you. Always buy a shade of foundation matching to your skin. Because if you will apply different colour it can make a contrast with your neck colour. So, you can try the testers when you are buying the foundation.

5) Holding More Than One Bag

Don’t carry more than one bag especially if you are going to the office or for work. This is really an informal or messy thing.

6) Underwear showing

Keep your inner wears inside your clothes. It is nice to wear such clothes on some occasions but not always or in office.

7) Dry skin

Always keep a moisturizer with you even if your skin is not dry. Because it can be dry after washing your hand or some other reasons.b so keep your skin moisturized always especially your face, hands and arms.

8) Split ends

This can also be the reason for making you look messy. Always take care of your hair. beautiful looking hair leaves a great impact on others.

9) Constantly adjusting your clothes

Don’t wear such clothes in which you don’t feel comfortable. But it doesn’t mean to wear baggy clothes. Wear comfortable clothes. Meanwhile, dress smartly and appropriately.

10) Pet hair on clothes

Awwww, we all love our small cute pets. But it leaves a bad impression on others when pet hairs are always found on our clothes.

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