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Entertainment 28 Years Older Husband of This Actress Underwent a Surgery of Private...

28 Years Older Husband of This Actress Underwent a Surgery of Private Part Because…

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Bollywood actress and international fashion model Padma Lakshmi’s life has been a controversial one. Her revelations about her rape when she was a child and marriage always grabbed the headlines. Padma was only 1 year old and when her parents got divorced after that she shifted to New York with her mother. She was brought up there and became a successful model.

She then came to India to make a career in films and debuted with film Boom in 2003, which was a super flop. After a flop film career, Padma married famous writer Salman Rushdie, she was her third wife. Padma was 23 years younger than him. They met at a party in 1999. They got married in 2004 but just after 3 years of their marriage, they broke up. In 2007, they got mutually divorced.

Padma Lakshmi on sex with Salman Rushdie and how it ended their tempestuous marriage

In her memoir, ‘Love, Loss And What We Ate’ she has written that she tried a lot to stay with Salman but things went wrong and ended in divorce. She referred Salman an insensitive man. Padma revealed in the book that, once after refusing to have sex with him he called her “bad investment”.

According to Lakshmi, she got diagnosed with Endometriosis which was one of the major reasons behind her failed marriage with novelist Rushdie. Endometriosis is caused when a tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it, resulted in a lack of physical intimacy between the two. Rushdie was insensitive towards her disease and took her inability to have sex (due to Endometriosis) as rejection. She said,

“It’s not that I didn’t want to be there for him, but something was very deeply wrong. And I didn’t understand it. And that caused a whole lot of misunderstanding.”

She also revealed that Salman Rushdie was an addict of a luxurious lifestyle, tasty food, and sex. Due to his addiction to sex, he also underwent a surgery of private part. Salman got married four times in his life and had a number of affairs.

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