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Here 20 Lakh Women Were Raped 4 Lakh Children Not Know About Their Father, Horrific Truths of World War II

During World War II, the Nazi Army of Hitler (September 1, 1939, to September 2, 1945) devastated almost the every corner of the world. This war or particular time period is considered as the worst of all. However, Germany has also suffered a lot in this war. In 1944, Soviet, America, British and French Army has conquered many Geman territories and occupied them. During this many women and girls were raped.

Soviet’s soldier with German woman

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This was revealed in a book published in 2015 named ‘Bastards! The children of occupation in Germany after 1945’. This book has truths researched by two renowned professors of Magdeburg University Germany. This book includes and explains the facts that happened after World War II.

Allied soldier molesting German woman

The book reveals the study that how in 1944-45 Germany was attacked by four strong nations – Soviet, USA, Britain and France. And was occupied by allied soldiers of these four nations. During this time, people were not only murdered and looted by the Army but lakhs of German women and girls were also raped by them which resulted in the birth of lakhs of bastard children.

A German woman who was raped after her whole family was murdered

The study reveals that 20 Lakh women and girls who were raped became mothers. Those children didn’t know about their fathers as their mothers were raped by unknown foreign soldiers. After the end of Word War, all the allied soldiers came back to their native countries.

German women who committed suicide with their whole family to save themselves from being raped by the Army

Children who were born by them faced social exploitation as well as discrimination. Because that many thought of finding their fathers but failed. Another study reveals that out of these near about 3 lakh children were by Soviet’s Red Army’s soldiers. On the other hand, some women committed suicide with the whole family in order to protect them from heartless soldiers.

A Soviet’s soldier snatching cycle from a German woman

German Women migrating from Germany to save themselves from being raped


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