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This Famous Bollywood Actress Left Alone By Her Son In Hospital, He Also Used To Beat Her

In a disheartening and shocking incident, Geeta Kapoor who has worked in more than 100 films has been left alone by her son in SRV Hospital. The actress also claimed that her son, Raja Kapoor used to beat her up too. According to the reports from The Indian Express, Raja was asked to pay a deposit and complete the formalities but he left saying he would get money from the nearest ATM  but never returned.

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Source: India Today

Meanwhile, Geeta Kapoor said that her son used to beat her up as she did not approve of his philandering ways. He would give her food once in four days, and sometimes, even lock her up for several days.

She further added: ” I was not ready to go to an old-age home, that’s why he planned all this. He deliberately kept me hungry and I fell ill. Then, he got me admitted and fled.”

Source: The Indian Express

On the other hand, Filmmaker Ramesh Taurani and CBFC member Ashoke Pandit have paid the hospital bills of the actor. Ashok Pandit told The Indian Express: “After reaching the hospital I cleared the bills, and I wanted to tell the hospital guys that she will be taken care of, so there are no insecurities from the hospital’s side and they would continue treating her. Paying the bills was not a big thing, really. I saw my mother in her.”

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