Pakistan captain Babar Azam surpasses Virat Kohli for this record in T20I

Having held the top spot on the ICC T20I list for the longest, Babar now holds the record. He has now completed 1030 days as of Wednesday, June 29. Kohli, who had dominated the rankings chart for 1013 days over the previous ten years, held the previous record.

As he continued his dominance at the top of the ICC T20I rankings, Pakistan captain Babar Azam continued his tryst with breaking world records by surpassing former India captain Virat Kohli to inscribe his name in history for a record world record in T20I cricket.

According to the ICC rankings, Babar is currently ranked first in white-ball cricket and aspires to become the top player in Test cricket as well.

“As a player it’s a dream to become the No. 1 in all formats and, for that, you have to focus and put in hard work. It’s not like if you are the top player in one or two formats, you go easy,” Babar had said earlier this month. “If you are to become No.1 in all three, you have to keep yourself fit and on track. There is back-to-back cricket and the gap is less. For that, you need to be extra fit.”

“It’s something I am preparing for. It’s going well in white-ball and hopefully, I will be able to do well in Tests too.”