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Pakistan Cricketer Says India Might Lose Its Next Matches Intentionally To Kick Pakistan Out of CWC19




Former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali is making headlines for his provocative words against India. The cricketer said that India will deliberately lose their matches against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in order to make Pakistan out of the semi-finals in currently going World Cup 2019 cricket tournament.

He didn’t stop there, he also said that India’s poor performance against Afghanistan was pre-planned. He also claimed that David Warner deliberately underperformed against India. While talking to a Pakistan news channel, he said, “India will never want that Pakistan makes it to the semi-finals. They have matches remaining against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Everyone saw the fashion in which they won against Afghanistan.”

He added,

“They’ll play in such a way that nobody will come to know what has happened. What happened in India’s match against Afghanistan? What did Australia do against India? What did David Warner do?”


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