Former US Defense Minister Jim Mattis once described his experience with Pakistan as very dangerous and said that Pakistan is the most dangerous country among all the countries he has worked with. Mattis also blamed the fundamentalist society of Pakistan for this.

New York US Defense Minister Jim Mattis in his new book described Pakistan as a very dangerous country. Mattis said that among the countries with which he has worked, he considers Pakistan as the most dangerous country. The reason behind this is that he explains the radicalization of Pakistan’s society.

Mattis told Pakistan Dangerous Countries

Mattis was addressing an event organized at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He co-authored the recently published book ‘Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead’. CFR President Richard Haas quoted an excerpt from the book in which Mattis said of Pakistan, “Of all the countries I have come in contact with, I consider Pakistan to be the most dangerous country.”

Mattis called Pakistani society radical

Haas questioned Mattis as to why he considered Pakistan to be the most dangerous country, and Mattis said, “His society is radical.” In a way, the members of the Pakistani army believe the same. They realize what they have got by reaching there. They accept it. There is a very complicated relationship between Pakistan and America.

Mattis said on China, ‘Trump administration policy is honest’
, in response to a question on China, he said that the United States can find a way to work with China. We will oppose China where it will disrupt the global order. This includes freedom of navigation, etc. While praising the Trump administration, Mattis said that the Trump administration is most honestly assessing its relationship with China.

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