Pakistan might not travel to India for its 2023 ODI World Cup: Report

In light of the uncertainty around where the Pakistani and Indian cricket teams would play in the Asia Cup, ESPN Cricinfo has reported a recent development about the World Cup. In October and November, India will host the ODI ICC World Cup. Pakistan might play its matches in Bangladesh, according to the report. According to the reports, “the idea has been discussed at the ICC level.”

“I don’t know if it would take place in a different country but a neutral venue is highly likely,” said Wasim Khan former CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board and the current General Manager of Cricket for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

“I don’t think that Pakistan will play their matches in India. I think their matches will also be held at a neutral venue just like India’s Asia Cup matches,” Wasim further added.

At first, Pakistan was designated as the Asia Cup’s host nation. However, BCCI secretary Jay Shah surprised the Pakistan Cricket Board in October 2022 when he announced that India will not visit Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup and that it would be hosted in a “neutral” venue. The PCB swiftly responded and stated that any such development may affect their intentions to travel to India for the World Cup. At the time, Ramiz Raja was the PCB’s chairman.

Since then, there has been no resolution to the Asia Cup dispute. India will play their games at a neutral site, but Pakistan is expected to host the Asia Cup in 2023, according to a report by news agency ANI. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are attempting to quickly broker a settlement after a brief standoff that could result in both sides playing their tournament matches against one another outside of Pakistan. India will probably play its 2023 Asia Cup games in the United Arab Emirates, England, Oman, or Sri Lanka.

“A meeting between the boards had been done a few days back and the tournament will be allowed to be held in Pakistan. India will play their matches at a neutral venue and will not travel to Pakistan, the venues where India could play their matches are likely to be Oman, UAE, England, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Though the decision will be decided later,” a source mentioned to news agency ANI.

Although the UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, and possibly England are plausible options to host India’s matches, including at least two matches between India and Pakistan, the overseas venue is still to be selected.