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Pakistan to Declare India’s Independence Day as a Black Day, Closes Wagah Border And Suspends All Trade

Stung by BJP government’s decision of scrapping Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan expelled India’s high commissioner Ajay Bisaria to protest against the Indian government. Not only that, Pakistan decides to celebrate August 14, their Independence Day, under the theme “Kashmir Banayga Pakistan” and observe August 15, India’s Independence Day as Black Day. On August 15 protest demonstrations would be held across the country.

Apart from it, Pakistan closes the Wagah border and also declared it will suspend all bilateral trade. However, Pakistan’s decision to suspend bilateral trade and diplomatic ties with India in response to the revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir makes no dent on the Indian economy. Instead, it will affect Pakistan’s already crumbling economy. The reason is simple – Pakistan is way down in the list of India’s trade partners: 48th to be precise.

This childish move of Pakistan would have a “very minimal” impact on India’s overall trade scenario and its businesses. In fact, they will suffer from their decision. Pakistan asked US’ President Donald Trump to interfere in the matter of revocation of Article 370 by Bjp government led by Narendra Modi but the US has already cleared it that it is India’s internet matter.

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