Urmila Matondkar Ready To Say Sorry To Kangana Ranaut!

Kangana Ranaut, who is constantly attacking many Bollywood celebrities, had a fierce attack on her by Urmila Matondkar. She called Kangana 'Rudali'...

Pakistan Actress Meera Khan’s Shocking Statement ‘Shah Rukh Didn’t Teach Manners to Mahira Khan That’s Why She Always Insults India’

Controversy is here! Meera Khan, the Pakistani actress whom you have seen in the Bollywood films like Nazar and Kasak is making headlines with her shocking statement. She made this statement against Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. Actually, she is eager to release her film ‘Simran’ in India and Pakistan, but she hasn’t received a visa for India yet. And for that, she is blaming Mahira Khan.

Currently, in Dubai, Meera interacted with the media and said that her fellow Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s statements against India made it incredibly difficult for Pakistani artists to obtain an Indian visa. She said that her film Simran is ready to get served on the screen but for the lack of an Indian visa, she can’t get her film released in the country.

She told that after her film shoot got wrapped up, she returned to Pakistan and soon after Mahira Khan made some statements against India which made Indo-Pak relations bitter, which also, in turn, resulted in making it hard for Pakistani artists to obtain Indian visas. She also targeted Shah Rukh Khan for casting her in his film ‘Raees’ as she didn’t deserve it according to her. She said,

“Mahira worked in the film and she started saying poorly about India in Pakistan. When I was working in India, I spoke positively about the relations between the two countries and I highlighted the good things. But Mahira has no class, she kept on speaking against India.”

Source: NavbharatTimes

She added,

“When I went to the embassy, officials speak about Mahira’s statements and we are denied a visa. I only request that I should not be denied a visa due to what she says. I appeal Shah Rukh Khan to help us. He may have cast her in his film, but he did not teach her class and sophistication on how to speak to the media. I apologize for Mahira’s mistakes and I request artists and films to have friendly relations between the two countries.”

Source: NavbharatTimes

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