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Pakistan Which is Considered as Poorest Country, Here One Groom Wore a Tie And Shoes Made of Pure Gold in His Wedding!

Marriages are considered as most lavish and celebrated affair! People in the world go beyond sometimes doing things that are borderline bizarre. Did you remember the time when an Indian family served ‘gold rice’ to the guests at their wedding? Not to forget the forwarded photos of brides covered in gold ornaments.

Recently, not a bride but a groom in Pakistan caught all the social media attention for the gold he was wearing at his wedding. He wore gold worth around Rs 25 lakhs! Ever since his photos got uploaded to the internet they went viral. Reportedly, this groom wore a golden suit worth Pakistani Rs 63,000 during the reception party.

This golden suit was embellished with crystals adding another Rs 16000 to the cost. And to complement his lavish attire, he decided to add oomph with a gold tie. A tie made of solid gold weighing 10 tolas which approximately cost him Rs 5 lakhs according to the currency of Pakistan. And this is not done yet. Guess what he paired his attire with golden shoes too. No, not just a golden colored product but a shoe made of real gold with floral patterns on it! Weighing 32 tolas, it cost him ‘just’ Rs 17 lakhs in Pakistani currency. Watch out here:

The name of this groom is Hafiz Salman Shahid and is reportedly a businessman from Valencia Town.

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