Entertainment 2 Sons 3 Marriages Wanted To Commit Suicide After Gang Rape, Life...

2 Sons 3 Marriages Wanted To Commit Suicide After Gang Rape, Life of Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, the 50 years old Hollywood actress has seen many ups and downs in her life. She married for 3 times in her life even then she is all alone today. She has two sons from her first marriage. Not only this at the age of 14 she was gang raped after which she decided to commit suicide but wasn’t bold enough to do that. On a reminding note, Pamela underwent for plastic surgery which doesn’t go well. She doesn’t look beautiful as she looked before.

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Pamela had started her modeling career when she was a teenager. Along with modeling, she appeared in many TV shows and films. At the age of 22, she became cover girl of PlayBoy magazine. After that, she shot for many popular magazines as a cover girl. In February 2016 she went nude for a photoshoot and grabbed many eyeballs. She is an actress, model, Television producer, activist, and writer.

She wanted to die after she was gang raped

In 2014 during the Cannes Film Festival, she made a very shocking revelation that shook whole Hollywood. She told that she was sexually assaulted and gang raped in her childhood days. She was just 6 years old when she was sexually assaulted and was 14 years old when gang raped. She was sexually assaulted by a lady who was her maid. When she was 12 years old she went to with her friend to her friend’s boyfriend’s home, there the elder brother of boyfriend raped her. the culprit was 25 years old that time. When she became 14 she was gang raped by her 6 schoolmates. These all incidents disheartened her to the core that she wanted to commit suicide.

Live match made her get the break

When Pamela was 22 years old she was watching a football match in Canada’s Vancouver. During the match, a camera got stuck on her face and the whole world watched her live. She wore a T-shirt featuring promotion of some beer company. Hugh Hefner noticed her and she got a chance to feature on PlayBoy magazine’s cover. 

Unsuccessful marriages

Pamela Anderson has been the favorite child of controversy. She married for 3 times. She married Tommy Lee, a drummer, in 1995 and shocked everyone. She wore a bikini on her marriage which was held on a beach. She got divorced from Tommy after 3 years. She has two sons from her first husband. In 2006, she married singer Kid Rock but again got divorced just after 2 weeks. In 2007, she married film producer Rick Salomon but again luck didn’t favor her and she divorced after 2 months. 

Sex tape controversy

Releasing sex tapes is Hollywood’s favorite popularity gain game. When Tommy Lee and Pamela was on vacations for their honeymoon they shot their sex tape. After 5 months the sex tape was stolen from their house. in 1995. Afterward, it became a sensation on the Internet and became viral. 

Pamela Anderson as Bigg Boss India’s contestant

India’s biggest TV reality show Bigg Boss made her famous in India. She came in Bigg Boss Season 4 as a contestant and stayed for 3 days. During the show, she tried to learn Hindi and Indian dance. She even danced with show’s host Salman Khan. 


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