PAN Card: Secret Behind 10 Digits Pan Number You Should Know


Pancard nowadays is the most important thing that people carry with themselves. But do you know something about those 10 digit numbers mentioned on it? If not then read to know about them.

Pan Card is an essential part of our documents, that also acts as an ID card. If you work in an organized sector then it is necessary to have a PAN card to get a salary. Not only this but in today’s time, the use of PAN cards is mainly used for many other financial transactions. Well, we all know that on the PAN card a number is written just below the date of birth. It is a 10 digit alphanumeric number about which everyone is curious. So let us tell you that these alphanumeric numbers entered on the PAN card have a special meaning and some kind of information is hidden in them.

Here’s the information hidden behind those alphanumeric numbers

This alphabet series can contain any three-letter series in English ranging from AAA to ZZZ  is decided by the Income Tax Department.

The fourth letter of the PAN shows the status of the income taxpayer. For example, if there is a P in the fourth place, then it shows that this PAN number is personal, whereas if letter F is on the card in 4th place, it shows that the number belongs to a firm. Similarly, C is for companies. A is for association of AOP, T is for Association of Persons for a Trust (APT), H to undivided Hindu family, B is for Body of Individuals (BOI), L to local authorities, J to artificial judicial person, G to government.

The next that comes is the 5th letter which is the first letter if your Surname. For example, if someone’s surname is Sharma or Srivastav, the fifth digit of the PAN will be S. 

The next comes the four-digit number these numbers can be between 00001 to 9999. These numbers show the series of the income tax department which are running at that time. 

The 10th digit of the PAN card is also an English letter. But it does not hold any significance to the cardholder. However it is not randomly generated but rather the result of a complex mathematical computation.

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