Paranormal Expert Steve Huff Claims To Talk With Sushant’s Soul

These days, there is a fierce debate in the Bollywood industry about insiders and outsiders. After the death of Sushant, people are busy making hays while the sun shines. Meanwhile, the video of a paranormal expert is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which he is claiming to talk to Sushant’s soul.

Steve Huff is a well-known paranormal expert. He told that Sushant’s fans were constantly contacting him. Sushant’s fans wanted him to help them in Sushant Suicide Case. Keeping in mind the request of fans, Steve Huff spoke to Sushant’s soul. We are not saying this, but Steve Huff himself has claimed this. Steve did the Spirit Box session with the help of some special spells.

Steve shared a video on his Facebook account, in which he told that Sushant’s soul was quite strong and he had many incredible experiences while talking to him. Steve shared a post about this. In the post he wrote that, “He gave me direct answers. Clearer than ever and in his own voice. I will do another session of this soon, in which many more deep questions have to be asked ”.

In the video, Steve claims that he is talking to Sushant’s soul. During this session, he gives many questions and answers to Sushant’s soul. Steve asks Sushant, “Do you remember how you died?”. On which the device makes a voice in English, “Here is the light, huff, tell them I have got the light.” Now this light is getting fade. They are watching you. I really wanted to meet God. You know what I want to tell them. His soul is well and he is in heaven ”.

Steve questions Sushant why he gave up his life? On this, the device makes a sound, “for change”. Steve also claimed that Sushant was not alone during this session. A man and a woman also had their soul with Sushant. For information, let us tell you that Steve has been talking to spirits for the last 10 years. For this, he has also made a machine. He have also done a similar session before with the souls of Trick Suez and Michael Jackson.

Video of Steve Huff: