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High Life Parents Open Up About Regretting Having Kids

Parents Open Up About Regretting Having Kids

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In 1975, advice columnist Ann Landers asked her readers, “If you had it to do over again, would you have children?” Interestingly, “70 percent of parents say kids not worth it.” Even today, many people wished they’d never set out on the hallowed path to becoming a parent. Being a parent comes with a heavy price (a severely restricted social life and sleepless nights). The question was posted on Reddit “Whether the parents ever wish they’d never had children.”

This Is How Reddit Users Responded​

Parents Open Up About Regretting Having Kids

A mother, named Chris Action wrote: “Yeah. Me and the mom had our daughter when we were both 14. I’d say there was probably a few years where I wished I never had her. She means the world to me now though.

Another user wrote: “Yup. You don’t really get to try out being a parent to decide if you like it. Once you’re a parent, you are one forever. I’m a good parent. My kids are well adjusted respectful loving people and they’ve learned that by example, not force. I had kids young and I’ve never been sure I was truly cut out for the job.

This user described kids as a financial burden, “No, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have the financial burden kids bring. It’s crazy expensive to have kids and really wrecks your life.”

Parents Open Up About Regretting Having Kids

Not only mothers but a dad also expressed his opinion, “If I being honest there have been times but not extended ones. More like a few moments here and there. I love being a dad but sometimes I just want to be myself and not be needed by anyone.”

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