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Trending Parents Visiting You ??? Hide These Things ASAP.

Parents Visiting You ??? Hide These Things ASAP.

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Mom and Dad on their way to visit you…? Aren’t you excited? Obviously! But

There’s definitely a BUT that you’re worried about.

Hurry! Hide your stuff which you never want them to know about and yet is indispensable for you.

Here’s a list of things which must be hidden before tornado hits your place.


Booze and Cigarettes

dutch_beersTake out the beer bottles from fridge, Vodka from freezer and cigarettes from your pockets and make their way back in the closet or hide them under the bed. Keep them far enough away from those prying eyes, but close enough to take a sip when required.


Condoms and pills


Imagine getting caught with a condom in pocket. Noooooo! You surely don’t want your world of fantasies be exposed to your parents. If you’ve got any pills that elongate your moments of pleasure or you gals have some after pleasure pills be sure you’ve hidden them, of course those are personal and you don’t want to share ’em.

Micro-mini dresses


You girls love parties, hangouts, trips and these all seem incomplete with your sexy and short dresses, be it shorts, skirts, dresses or bikinis. Not everyone but surely many of you can’t live your fun-packed party-life when folks visit you; and those micro mini wears, stuff them somewhere deep before the open up their mouth and reveal what you’ve been hiding since long.

Precious Porn


It could shameful if your precious porn collection gets eyes of viewers who are no one else but your parents’. Keep your XXX stuff hidden inside your mobiles, laptops, PCs or put a lock on them to avoid a situation after which you’d have you hide yourself!

Browser History


Your browser history can reveal your quest for knowledge about things you couldn’t ask anyone but Google. Your parents might not be the tech savvy people but surely they can press buttons on your laptop.

What if the back button is pressed. All your hidden deep-dark secrets will be on your screen. If you don’t want that to happen keep your screen locked by pressing windows+L whenever you leave your laptop or clear your browser history.

Pictures and Videos

folder-lockYou’re fond of taking photos and videos with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or booze parties. Hide your memories  and keep them locked with passwords.

Love Bites



If you have huge, purple, disgusting-looking hickeys right on your neck or other visible parts of your body, you are in super trouble. They may have felt super sensual and amazing at the time they were created, but now they the things which can make you feel embarrassed.

A lot of foundation and using a scarf or high neck clothes are the quick alternatives.


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