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High Life Utterly Bizarre Museum in Paris Allows Guests to Enter All Nude

Utterly Bizarre Museum in Paris Allows Guests to Enter All Nude

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be a nude spectator? If not, then the Palais de Tokyo in Paris has brought something for you which is unimaginable, totally! This stylish contemporary art gallery allowed guests to strip off for a clothing-free event on May 5.

Yes, you read it right! The guests checked their clothing into the cloakroom, before taking a look at the halls of the Palais embedded with sculptures and striking paintings. To avoid any surprise encounters, the visit took place before the official opening of the museum. Clothed staff was on hand to offer insight into the artwork.

First time of its kind, this Paris museum has welcomed nudists and follows last summer’s successful establishment of a nude zone in the city’s Bois de Vincennes park. Some of the Nude guests told,

“The atmosphere was very nice,” said one, adding that,

“There was initially some embarrassment, but that being nude allows you to experience the artwork differently.”

Did you know there are an estimated 2.6 million naturists in France and Paris has an active Nudists Association? Parisian naturists can bathe in the buff in the Roger Le Gall swimming pool and enjoy nude exercise classes and bowling games. If you are interested to experience this hell of a nudist scenario then this place is for you! One of the nudists said,

 “I think it’s a really cool opportunity to go to these interesting cities and meet some like minded people and stay together with them.”
So be ready to get a whole new nude experience at Paris, next time!

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