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Entertainment Party video of Disha Salian before she was found dead

Party video of Disha Salian before she was found dead

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A video of Disha Salian has surfaced in which she was seen partying with her friends before she died. Check it out

The death mystery of Sushant Singh has created suspense everywhere. There were reports in the beginning that the actor has committed suicide. However, the investigations later revealed clearly pointed out that there is definitely something fishy behind his death. Some called it a suicide while most of them have declared it a well-planned murder. The investigations related to his death is still underway. From the Mumbai police to Bihar police, everyone is busy investigating the case. But on the other hand, people are claiming that the Mumbai police is not examining the case of Sushant the way it should. Now the people have demanded CBI inquiry, which has also been approved now and came out to be good news for the actor’s friends, fans, and family.

Let tell you that the scrutiny of the case has been started and now day by day. New shreds of evidence are surfacing one after the other. One such evidence apart from everything is Disha Salian. Recently a piece of news is circulating that Sushant’s death has some connection with the death of Disha Salian. Who was Sushant’s ex-manager. People are now linking these two deaths. In Disha’s case also it was told that she died by committing suicide. But the video of Disha Sailan that is circulating on the internet has put the people in confusion.

In the video, Disha was seen partying with his friends, but soon after that a news came that she has committed suicide. Let’s check out the video in which she is happily enjoying with her friends.

Disha Salian’s case

It’s been two months since Disha died. But it seems that the chapter of Disha Salian will soon open up along with Sushant. In a recent report, it was told that Disha was raped and murdered as there were few marks on her body. Also when she was found dead, she was naked. However, the case still needs to be clarified. As what exactly happened with her. Mumbai police urged the people to share information or evidence, if they know of, related to Disha’s death.¬†

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