News Now Very Time-Consuming Passports To Be Available Within A Week Only!

Now Very Time-Consuming Passports To Be Available Within A Week Only!

Passports are the most important thing required to travel abroad but it just ruins our excitement and fun when our passports get delayed due to various reasons. Recently, Foreign Affairs department of India has issued some changes in the passport making process in which police verification can be skipped and passports could be easily provided within a short period of a week.

Passports To Be Available Within A Week Only

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If you don’t have any criminal record registered against you in any police station then just with the help of an adhaar card and ID Proof you can skip the police verification process which is really very time-consuming and annoying. But don’t think that you have dodged the verification easily as it will be done properly after you get the passport and if any information submitted by you comes out to be wrong in police verification then your passport will be immediately terminated moreover, the cross-checking of the data of  ID proof ad aadhar card will be done through online verification.

With this improvement in the passport making process it looks like that now issuing of passports, which used to take up to one month of time will no longer stay as a barrier ruining your fun.

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