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Syria Was Not The Same Always, Old Nightlife Photos of This Devastated Muslim Country Show How Happy They Were!




Syria from past 7 years is ailing with civil war. Except, the capital city Damascus, all of its cities have almost shattered. But situations were never the same here! This Muslim country was once very advanced and modern. The hustle-bustle of people from coffee shops, fast food joints to beaches and nightclubs were the common scenario here.

Even during the civil war, in the capital city, Damascus people were seen partying together in the nightclubs as some of the photos got surfaced on the social media.


They were enjoying and drinking in the club, as shown in the photos.


People used to go for outing late in the night. At the commercial centers of the city, people could be seen roaming on the roads. The clubs stayed open the whole night long.

However, meanwhile the civil war the clubs started getting closed in the midnight.

Photographer Omar Sadiki published the photos that showed the nightlife of Syria, two years ago.

In these photos, youngsters were seen enjoying life.

But now everything has changed. Syria has lost somewhere in the dark. The heaven has turned into a hell, where you can only hear the voices of crying and screaming of children, women and men.