Patanjali coronavirus cure
Patanjali coronavirus cure

Coronavirus havoc is increasing day by day and every country is searching for its cure as soon as possible. Amid this, Patanjali’s co-founder and CEO Acharya Balkrishna now stated that his organization have managed to found COVID-19’s Ayurvedic cure. He claims that this medicine has cured corona patients within 5-14 days, according to Indian Express.

Swami Ram Dev and Acharya Balkrishna with Patanjali product before annual press confrence in new delhi on thursday. Express photo by Anil Sharma.04.05.2017

In an interview, Aacharya Balkrishna said that Patanjali has tested hundreds of corona patients. And his organization has yielded 100% favorable results. Balakrishna says, “We appointed a team of scientists after the Covid-19 outbreak. First, the simulation was done and compounds were identified which can fight the virus and stop its spread in the body. Then, we conducted a clinical case study on hundreds of positive patients and we have got 100 percent favorable results.”

He adds, ‘We can say that the cure for COVID is possible through Ayurveda’.

Let me tell you that recently homeopathy medicine Arsenic Album 30 had also approved by the Maharashtra government. They did this by watching it as a prophylactic against Coronavirus and as an immunity booster.

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