With the turn of new year 2016, the terrorists attacked pathankot Airforce base.It was a hard and long operation for army to eliminate the terrorists.India lost 7 of its bravehearts.Loss of each of these soldiers is extremely profound.While we mourn the loss of these lionhearted soldiers it would be a waste to no to mention those heroes who got injured and still kept fighting.

Sailesh Gaur

When the intelligence regarding terrrorists was recieved by the army,12 Garud commandos were deployed to prevent the terrorists from moving.Among these were Sailesh Gaur and Gursevak singh who exchanged heavy firing with the terrorists.Gursevak took 3 bullets but kept fighting.Seeing Gursevak down,Sailesh Gaur engaged fire with terrorists.He was shot 6 times but he didnot stop fighting.They with another commando Katal kept the operation going for nearly an hour.It was after 3 hours that they were rescued.

Gursevak singh passed away while Sailesh Gaur is in hospital in Ambala fighting for his life.

Garud commandos might be the reason the terrorists couldnot enter the technical area of Air force to destroy the defence equipment.

Pagal parrot Salutes their bravery.We hope Commando Sailesh Gaur gets well real soon.

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