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What? Virat Kohli Gets an Interesting Message From WWE star Brock Lesnar’s legal advisor Paul Heyman

Virat Kohli has become a worldwide famous man, all thanks to his hard work. To let you know, WWE superstar Brock Lesnar’s legal advisor Paul Heyman had an interesting Twitter exchange with Star Sports India and it was in the context of great Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his performance in the ongoing ODI series against West Indies.

Actually, in the third ODI that happened on last Saturday, Star Sports India, who have been broadcasting India vs West Indies ODI series had put out a tweet congratulating Virat Kohli’s great batting spell. The tweet reads, “Eat. Sleep. Hit 100s. Repeat! King Kohli’s at it again! Watch the Chase Master lead another India chase NOW on Star Sports! #INDvWI #BattleOfSixes”

Guess what! Who responded on the tweet? It is none another than, Paul Heyman, he said, “I will give props to King Kohli for his accomplishments, and therefore issue a one-time pardon to Star Sports India for “borrowing” (ahem) from my catchphrase for Brock Lesnar #EatSleepConquerRepeat. Thou art pardoned by decree of Your Humble Advocate. You are most welcome!”

The fun did not end there as Star Sports India came out with another tweet stating that Virat Kohli can also be referred to as ‘beast incarnate’. Paul Heyman was also ready with his interesting reply to this tweet, he wrote, “In order for King Kohli to even consider being billed as The Beast Incarnate (property of @BrockLesnar, a reigning defending undisputed greatest athlete in the world), he would have to have Paul Heyman as an Advocate. Star Sports India, I applaud your passion, for I am the GOAT! ”

It will be interesting to see how the ODI’s number one batsman Kohli responds to Paul Heyman’s message.

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