Peaky blinders 6

The sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders is coming very soon. And, unsurprisingly, her fans have already started to formulate theories and raise questions about what will happen next. Since filming began in January of this year, the British BBC series has not stopped taking a few hits: as if that wasn’t enough with the fact that they had to take a break due to the pandemic, in April, the team suffered losses to Helene McCrory to cancer. Nothing is clear on what will happen next and one of the big questions concerns the character of Grace Shelby, played by Annabelle Wallis.

In the series with Cillian Murphy, the actress played an Irish waitress who worked as an undercover Birmingham Police officer. The goal? Approach Thomas Shelby, with whom he ultimately fell in love. Although they moved away when the gang leader found out about the betrayal, they later met again, had their son Charles, and got married.

And while everything seemed to be going relatively well, the character of Annabelle Wallis went through a fatal situation: in one incident, she was murdered with a shot that was intended for Shelby. The main character could not recover from the death of his wife: he imagined her in his visions and showed how much he missed her. But… did it have to do with a creative decision? Why did the character leave the show so quickly? Will he be back for the final season? This is all that fans are questioning.

Peaky Blinders 6

The theory that Grace Shelby is still alive

Throughout its five seasons available on Netflix, there were many situations that caused fans to bring up different theories about what would happen to the characters. On this occasion, many Internet users shared on social networks the idea that Grace Shelby is not really dead. The hypothesis is based on the fact that this was precisely a secret mission that she continued and which, in reality, never ended. That way she would remain tied to the Birmingham Police Force and only fake her death.

Peaky Blinders 6

If that were true, Grace and Thomas could have their reunion in the show’s final season. However, so far everything seems to indicate that Annabelle Wallis’ presence on the recording sets could be linked to filming scenes that function as flashbacks or even other visions that Murphy’s character had the season. former.

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