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High Life A Country Where People Are Buried Alive in a Bizarre Festival

A Country Where People Are Buried Alive in a Bizarre Festival

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Never visit Cuba in the month of February you may be buried alive! Yes, it is not a joke. It has become an annual tradition in a small town near Havana where people are buried alive. People carry live people in a coffin and arrange a four-piece tropical band. Behind it, dozens of people drank, clapped and sashayed to the music, as the family members pretending to be the bereaved and weep loudly for the ‘deceased’.

It is a part of ‘Burial of Pachencho’ tradition. The celebration in Santiago de Las Vegas, about 12 miles south of the Cuban capital, has been held each February 5 for the last 30 years and is known as the Burial of Pachencho.

‘I never miss this party. I tell my boss and take a day off work,’ said 50-year-old Rebeca Morera, shaking her hips to the music. ‘This is a tradition of my town where I was born and raised. We can’t lose it.’ 

The tradition started on February 5, 1984, when villagers got the idea of putting on a mock burial to mark the end of local carnival season. It took its name from the title of a play that had been shown in what was then the town theater. 

Here is a video to know more about this festival:



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