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People Caught a Broker Selling a 5 Years Old Girl in Red Light Area

People Caught a Broker Selling a 5 Years Old Girl in Red Light Area


Recently in Bihar, local people of Saharsa displayed a great example of awareness when they caught a man who was trying to sell a little 5 years old girl in the red light area. The man identified as Rajiv Kumar hailing from Bihar’s Khamauti village, Saharsa was arrested by police. He was handed over to police by the local people.

Rajiv Kumar took the child and went to the Red Light area located at Bharti Nagar. There he cracked the deal to sell the child to a man involved in child trafficking. Meanwhile, the baby girl who was sleeping woke up and started crying.

Hearing to girl’s crying sound, people gathered and caught the accused and handed him over to the police. A woman, the resident of Khamauti village said that she had gone to Munger Ghat to fetch water. Her 5-year-old daughter who studies at Indian Public School was waiting for her.

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She thought to catch up her while returning. But her daughter slept while waiting for her on the bench. Seeing that native Rajiv Kumar who was passing from the route, abducted her finding her all alone. He took her to a red light area with the thought of selling her in prostitution and in return to get a hefty amount.

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