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News People crammed together at New Delhi Airport Inspite of Government Instructions

People crammed together at New Delhi Airport Inspite of Government Instructions

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The outbreak of coronavirus is increasing in the country. The number of people infected with this virus has increased in India to 258 on Saturday. Apart from this 35 new cases of Coronavirus were also, reported in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced, which is quite shocking. The video was shared by Bollywood lyricist, photographer, and journalist Nilesh Mishra. In this video, we can see a person has fallen unconscious at the airport. And a crowd of hundreds of people has gathered.

Neelesh Mishra shared this video and wrote: “This is shocking. It’s awful to see so many people gathering at New Delhi International Airport. There are about a hundred people sitting close to each other. How could this happen? ” Nilesh Mishra has asked the government a question by sharing this video. This video has surfaced at a time when the government is issuing all the guidelines regarding coronavirus. And advising people not to go to crowded areas.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Thursday. He said: “On March 22, this effort of ours, our self-restraint, will be a strong symbol of determination to perform duty in the interest of the country.” He said that the public curfew is a curfew imposed by the public. He appealed to the countrymen that at five o’clock on the evening of 22 March, the doctors, those engaged in medical professions, the employees engaged in cleanliness should be thanked for their service. Even in the First and Second World Wars, countries were not affected in this way. He said that the whole world is going through a crisis due to Coronavirus and every Indian should be cautious. ” 

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