Infotainment People Had Full Body Scan On Airport And What Was Found Will...

People Had Full Body Scan On Airport And What Was Found Will Shock You !

Body Scanners at airports and other important places in terms of security is a very important machine to keep terrorism or other criminal activities at bay.

full body scan images leaked

The body scanner was made for security purposes of the people but its very sad to know that these creepy machines are being used otherwise and making controversies. Backscatters, which produced nearly naked images of travellers which believed to be deleted immediately after their screening, but hey! Surprise they’re not abolished by TSA. So what do they do with these pictures?

Let’s find out here.

#Full body scans not deleted

airport full body scanners images

Here are a few of those ‘leaked’ pictures and what can be done with them.

1. This is how the leaked images can be easily converted to derive someone’s face and full body.

A simple Photoshop deed does the trick. Your private parts might be safe at night vision mode, but what about Photoshop? It will just take a few seconds to reveal every detail about you through Photoshop.

A surgically implanted bomb which was caught on camera

surgically implanted bombs in breasts

It’s good as it helps catch terrorists and criminals who implants weapons and bombs in their body but what about the ordinary people. No one has the right to leak private pictures of someone and it is a criminal offence.

A Big Sac of Bull###t :

Implanted bomb inside body caught on scanner

The police caught this man later in a strip-club. Think of what devastating thing was stopped from happening !

They look into it and you are almost full nude in there.

A lot of people really don’t agree about the TIA seeing them naked. But oming to think about it, isn’t it a little bit uncomfortable ?

full body scanner images

Weapons implanted

things found in body through full body scanning

Birthday surprise

According to the reports, TSA doesn’t delete the images. Someone inside from TSA uses those pictures for wrong purposes. The government is taking a step against it, let’s hope for the best.

Here’s a video :

Are you concerned about the matter ? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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