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High Life People Have To Follow The Rule Of Social Distancing For Next 2...

People Have To Follow The Rule Of Social Distancing For Next 2 Years

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The world is currently battling the Coronavirus and following social distance. What is I tell you that we may have to follow many strict rules for the next 2 years or until 2022? Many researches are now coming out in this regard.

A sign of the times, reminding joggers and dog walkers on Boston’s Charles River Esplanade to stay six feet apart to avoid transmitting the coronavirus.

Scientists say that this is only the first phase of the war against the coronavirus. There may be many more disasters in the coming time. Although the lockdown has been eased somewhat in many countries due to the weakening of the virus’s effect, a little carelessness can re-aggravate the coronavirus infection and cause millions of people to fall prey to it. According to Dr. Ayush Pandey, social distancing is the cure for the elderly, children, and people who have less ability to fight against diseases.

Howard University Research

Recently research by scientists of the Howard University of America was published in the Science Journal. Scientists at the university’s TH Chan School of Public Health have serious apprehensions that if the rules are slightly lax during the loosening of the lockdown, the effects of the virus may again take serious form in many areas and human society once again can see a period of crisis. University researchers in their research tested through a computer model that as long as the social distance is strictly adhered to, the re-infection of the coronavirus can be prevented, in their research, the example of the SARS virus spread in 2003 also presented.

6 months strict caution, 2 years rule of social distancing is necessary

Scientists believe that the virus will live in the same world as influenza. In such a situation, it is feared that a lot of caution will have to be taken for at least 6 months, in addition to this, they have also claimed in their research says that people may have to follow the rules of lockdown for at least 2 years.

Coronavirus can change itself

Researchers at Howard University have also revealed that the coronavirus also periodically changes itself, which is a very dangerous condition. In such a situation, making the vaccine can be even more complicated. The main reason for this is that if symptoms appear in a corona infected patient, then those symptoms are not visible in other patient. In such a situation, the scientists themselves are still skeptical in the ongoing research on the corona virus.

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