High Life Humour These Real Life People Are Doppelgangers of Famous Cartoons

These Real Life People Are Doppelgangers of Famous Cartoons

You may have seen the look-alikes of celebrities but have you ever someone who looks just like the character from the movies or from the animations? Yes, there exist some people in real life who are the look-alikes of popular cartoon characters. Going through some pictures online, you can actually find some people who resemble some animated characters. However, we have summed up a few of them here! Check them out!

1) Flash Slothmore in the animation Zootopia

2) Carl in the animation Up

3) Ratatouille in the animation Alfredo Linguini

4) Princess Merida From Brave

5) Our Mr. Shrek was inspired by the way this guy looks!

6) Duncan the donkey of Shrek

7) Beavis of Beavis And Butthead

8) The King From Cinderella

9) Boo of Monsters Inc.

10) Sid from Ice Age


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