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These Are The 5 People Whom Every Country of The World Denied to Give Citizenship

Citizenship of a country is the identity of a person. But what about those whom every country of the world refuses to accept. May be this will make you feel awkward but this is true. There are many people in the world who are not able to call any country their own. There are many reasons. In the rarest of instances, some people renounce their citizenship. Others are denied citizenship by their countries or just lose it after failing to meet some requirements. Check out the list of these people:

1) Maha Mamo

Maha Mamo was born in Lebanon to Syrian parents. However, she and her two siblings are stateless. They are not considered Lebanese by the government because their father wasn’t Lebanese as required by Lebanese law. On the other hand, they are not Syrians, either, because the Syrian government doesn’t allow the marriage between a Christian father and Muslim mother.

Due to this, she and her siblings facing severe problems. Neither get work to feed themselves nor they can travel anywhere. Getting a sim card is difficult for them. But they were somewhat lucky, a friend introduced her to a Brazilian family who agreed to shelter her and her siblings even though they had never met. Mamo and her siblings are just one of the over 8,000 Syrians to whom Brazil has offered humanitarian visas since 2013.

2) Sze Chung Cheung

He was born to Belgian mother and a Hong Kong father. Yet he is not a citizen of either country. He was born in Hong Kong and used to have Belgian citizenship, which he later lost. According to Belgian law, its citizens born outside of Belgium to either live in the country between ages 18–28 or state their desire to remain Belgian citizens before age 28. He did not fulfill any of the requirements.

3) Eun-Ju

She is supposed to be a North Korean or Chinese citizen but is unrecognized by both countries. Her mother and Park Hyeon-sun, her grandmother, were North Koreans until they fled the country for China. In China her mother a Korean-Chinese man. Eun-Ju’s mother went missing while trying to migrate from China to South Korea in 2006, and her father died in an accident in 2007. In such case, she was not able to get citizenship because the South Korean law forbids the issuance of citizenship to anyone without a living parent, even if a grandparent is the only surviving relative.

4) Muhammad Idrees

The man who is an unfortunate victim of the strained relationship between India and Pakistan. Idrees was born in India but migrated to Pakistan after marriage and got Pakistani citizenship. In 1999 he returned to India to visit his sick father in India and his father died soon after his arrival, causing him to overstay his visa by three days. He approached Indian authorities for an extension, but they booked him on suspicion of being a Pakistani spy and spent 10 years in jail. This led to the expiration of his passport and ultimately denied Pakistani citizenship. So he just remained stuck in India without a country to call his own.

5) Eliana Rubashkyn

She was born in Colombia as Luis Rubashkyn, a male, but soon realized that he was intersex. So he underwent treatment to become a woman. This became a problem after authorities of Taipei University, Taiwan, where she attended school, requested that she update her passport. She tried to update her passport at the Colombian consulate in Hong Kong but Colombia had no consulate in Taiwan. Hong Kong airport authorities initially refused her entry because she was supposed to be a “he,” as stated on her passport. They finally allowed her in but without the passport. Most countries also denied her asylum because they required that she undergo sex reassignment surgery and not just hormonal therapy to be eligible as a gender refugee.

Finally, in 2014 New Zealand agreed to grant her asylum. But she remains stateless and will only be eligible for citizenship after living in the country for five years.

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