People Who Died On A Movie Set

People who died on a movie set

We’ve all read the terrible news that actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a camerawoman on the set of the western film Rust. It’s not the first time someone has died while shooting a movie. People died on a movie set before. Below you can read some sad examples of such accidents.

The Crow

On March 31, 1993, Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son) in the character of the movie The Crow would die from the bullets of his opponents. Unfortunately there was a real bullet between the blanks. Actor Michael Massee shot the bullet from a few meters away in the abdomen of Lee, who would later die in hospital. He was buried next to his famous father in the Seattle cemetery.

The Expendables 2

During the shooting of action film The Expendables 2 , something went horribly wrong. During an action scene, a dinghy exploded, killing a stuntman and seriously injuring another crewmember. He survived after hours of surgery.

The Dark Knight

During the shooting of The Dark Knight , a violent chase scene was filmed in which a stuntman was killed. The stuntman missed a hairpin turn and drove head-on into a tree at full speed. His name was Conway Wickliffe, a Hollywood stunt double highly respected.


In the Movie XXX , starring Vin Diesel, stuntman Harry L O’Connor played an action sequence in which he had to land on a submarine along a rope. By mistake, O’Connor hit the edge of a bridge at full speed and died instantly. The producer left the incident (except for O’Connor’s death) in the film, in tribute to the stuntman.

Top Gun

Art Scholl was a stunt pilot who died on the set of the action movie Top Gun . When an action sequence was filmed in a jet fighter, the stunt pilot ran into trouble and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Despite an intensive search, the fighter jet and Art Scholl were never found.

Twilight Zone: the movie

During a scene in the movie Twilight Zone; the movie, which is based on a Vietnam War battlefield, a helicopter crashed on the set, decapitating actor Vic Morrow and child actors My-ca Dinh Le and Renee Shin Yi Chen by a rotor blade of the device. The film’s producer was charged but later acquitted of wrongful death.