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High Life So These Are The People Who Prepare Idiomatic Expressions (Jumlay) For Narendra Modi...

So These Are The People Who Prepare Idiomatic Expressions (Jumlay) For Narendra Modi Which Get Popular Right After He Take Them Out of Mouth

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You know today anything that can lift you to the top is your Content! it should be unique and catchy. Content is the key that has the power to make you and your business successful. On Sunday the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who is known for his clever words took out another word in the election rally in Bengaluru… it was TOP. TOP stands for Tomato, Onion and Potato. The word TOP is an acronym for these vegetables.

This Is How PM Modi Has Betrayed Gujaratis

Before this also, Narendra Modi has used sharp words for his opponents. More interestingly his idiomatic expressions grabbed the attention and become popular. Ever wonder who prepare this catchy content for Narendra Modi? Actually, Narendra Modi has a personal team which works intelligently on words for him.

This team makes a research on words and prepare such idiomatic expressions or Jumlay for him which become popular whenever Modi take them out of his mouth. Meet the prominent members of this content team of Narendra Modi.

1) Jagdish Thakkar (PRO)

When Modi was the CM of Gujarat even then also Jagdish Thakkar was his PRO. He is one of Modi’s closest and trustable persons.


2) Prateek Doshi (OSD – Research And Strategy)

He is graduated from the National University of Singapore. He is associated with Narendra Modi since 2007.

3) Ashutosh Narayan Singh (OSD, former Mediaperson)

4) Yash Gandhi, Neerav K.Shah

They both are Gujaratis and are PMO’s research officers. They prepare the speeches and gather input on different topics. They also handle Narendra Modi’s Twitter account.

5) Hiren Joshi (OSD – IT)

He handles Narendra Modi’s social media accounts.

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