High Life People's Reaction On This Girl Buying Condoms Will Leave You Disgusted

People’s Reaction On This Girl Buying Condoms Will Leave You Disgusted

Though most of us talk about women standing as equals next to men, be it in studies or professions but when it comes to something as basic as Sex we completely deny equality for both sexes. Don’t agree? Watch this video and see what happens when a young woman tries to buy condoms at a medical store and right after she leaves poeple’s reactions will leave you disgusted!

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While its cool for men to drink at bars, women enjoying drinks at night are seen as the cause of increasing cases of rapes in the country. Also, while its ohk or perhaps cool for men to buy condoms, the same thing done by women brings people to tag them as Sluts. It is indeed saddening to watch this happen over and again. We indians really are a bunch of Hypocrites! However, some people are openly accepting this change and we feel proud to watch it!

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