Who is Payal Ghosh who accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual abuse?

Actress Payal Ghosh, who made her Bollywood debut with the film 'Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi', has made serious allegations against filmmaker and...

Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas for Different Types of Girls

Valentine’s Day – the day of love and romance is just around the corner and a nice romantic gift is just what you need to make this day extra-special for your lady love. There are many kinds of girls in this world and their personality traits are different from one another. Knowing the personalities of women is important as that would help you in finding out just the perfect kind of Valentine’s Day gifts for her. So, to make your work easier, we have shortlisted 7 types of women personalities and provided a general guideline on which kinds of gifts would suit them the best.

For The Fashion Diva:

She is the only destination for any fashion related suggestions. Some of the fashion divas have the habit of continuously judging people with their clothes in their mind and some of them are only obsessed with how they look. The fashion divas, perhaps know all fashion designers who have ever walked on this planet and they are always on the lookout for some innovative clothes which always sets her apart from the crowd. She can never look “Ok” or “moderate” or “bad”! She is always the perfectly dressed one in any gathering, among a group of friends, or in office. As Valentine’s Day gifts you may opt for a fur clutch bag, initial pendant necklace, a branded perfume, velvet jacket from the label of her favorite designer, etc.

For The Wanderlust:

She simply needs some excuses to travel. Travel is her life and she is someone for whom every New Year Resolution starts with “visiting at least four cities” this year. She feels the whole of the sky, moon, stars, vast ocean, or small rivulets are her home. She has a backpack full of interesting and adventurous stories that make her really popular among people. As a gift for this Valentine’s Day, you can thus, get her the tickets to her dreamland. You may also opt for funky and useful travel accessories like a personalized passport cover, Anti-theft tote bag, neck pillow, or a scratch-off world map so that she can keep a track of all the places they have been and count how many more are left for them to go!

For The Artist:

If she is an artist who expresses views through the canvas, colors, and paintbrush, what can you gift? Anything like canvas, color, paintbrush, or the likes are already in her kitty and things like a 3D pen or a set of acrylic paint etc. would be too regular kind of gifts for her. So, opt for something different. Perhaps a book on “History of Contemporary Art”, or a ticket to the place where the imprints of her favorite artists reside. You may also get a collage of her best works till date and frame it to be hung on her drawing room wall.

For The Innocent One:

She is a pure soul with no intention of wrong-doing! Most of the guys easily fall in love with her cute smile, truthful behavior, and sweet nature. The good and bad thing about her is that she believes anyone and everyone. Some people use this weakness and use her perhaps. The world outside is not as cute and innocent as her and that’s why you are sometimes tensed about protecting her. Combo of a bouquet of red roses, a combo of a teddy bear and chocolates would be the best Valentine’s Day gift for her.

For The Elegantly Ambitious Lady:

She is a very smart and sharp character. Her goals, ambitions, and dreams are very dear to her and she works very hard to achieve success. She prioritizes everything else depending on her work schedule. What she hates the most is wastage of precious time. And thus, she would be more than happy if you look into her monthly calendar and then schedule a trip to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day. On the day when the whole world is expressing their love and romance, you can send a plant and a low-calorie chocolate cake at her office. Later when you meet her, take her to a spa resort and let her relax her nerves.

For The Total Foodie:

Food is life for these people. While the rest of the world eats to live, the foodies live to eat. If your girlfriend or wife or fiancée is a hardcore foodie, then her prime objective is simply to eat as many cuisines as possible. Some of the foodies also have a keen interest in the processing of food and thus they end up experimenting in the kitchen. Nothing can excite a foodie girlfriend more than a food trip! Take her out on Valentine’s Day to a multi-cuisine restaurant or open-air food plaza-like “Dilli Haat” in Delhi, where you can get a taste of food from all over India. She can hop on and off from one cuisine to other. It would be really a romantic idea if you can cook her favorite dish for her and surprise right in the morning. You can also get her food coupons to order food online.

For The Beauty Queen:

A “beauty queen” is quite like the “Poo” from K3G or “Tanya” from “SOTY”. She has to look picture-perfect all the time. And when she is not looking picture perfect, she won’t meet people or go out. Maybe in the past, she has canceled a date with you because she had a pimple on the right cheek. She is very conscious of her looks and has all the best brands of cosmetics in her wardrobe. She spends her weekend or holidays in applying “granny’s nuskha” for skin whitening or trying a new home-made hair mask she learned from YouTube. She would not spend an extra hour with you because that may eat away her power nap time. Gosh, she can give Katrina Kaif a run for the money! On this Valentine’s Day, you can get her the latest L’Oreal lipsticks, Sephora Favorites “Give Me Some Lip & Liner”, Votary Super Seed facial oil, Elizabeth Arden Intensive eye focus set, Makeup cleaning kit from Clinique, Makeup brushes from Bobby Brown, etc. She would be super-excited.

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