One little period cramp and you simply pop a painkiller without thinking about its side-effects. But now after reading this article, you will say thanks to jaggery-Sweetness and pain relief.

The menstrual cycle is something that every woman goes through each month. Stomach cramps, hormonal imbalance leading to an irregular cycle is what she faces but the symptoms vary from women to women, Jaggery has many essential nutrients like sodium and potassium and is very effective in treating menstrual problems. “If you experience mood swings, cramps, and other symptoms during menstruation, eat a small piece of jaggery. This can release endorphins and thus ease cramps and help in dealing with PMS symptoms,” says Dr. Vanishree Aithal, M.D of Birla Ayurveda, Mumbai.

In addition, Jaggery is rich in iron and folate, it helps prevent anemia by ensuring that a normal level of red blood cells is maintained. It also helps in increasing haemoglobin content of blood. and can thus, prevents weakness due to blood loss during menstruation. A piece of jaggery with or without water, twice a day on an empty stomach during your period can work wonders during that time. But make sure to keep its intake restricted to 20-25 gms a day. Apart from this if you suffer from aches and pains in your joints? Eating Jaggery can provide you with immense relief. Add some grated ginger in boiling water and strain. Add a small piece of Jaggery and drink this regularly to reduce joint pain. You can even drink it with a glass of milk every day to help strengthen the bones. This can help prevent joint and bone problems such as Arthritis. Jaggery plays an important role in the maintenance of pH levels in the body as it contains potassium and sodium, It ensures that a normal level of blood pressure is properly maintained.

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