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Sensuous!!This Photographer Captured People’s Faces The Moment They Orgasm




Orgasm, that moment when the whole world seems to be beautiful when life looks like a fairy tale and when every worry, tension and hatred has gone away. Have you ever seen your face, the exact moment you orgasm? No! but here is a 24-year-old photographer who captured people’s faces the moment they orgasm.


Source: DesignTAXI

Alina Oswald (the photographer) has given an interview to the Creators: “I talked about nothing else, So many people were interested in being part of the project and the experience of having an orgasm on camera.”

The project got bigger and bigger. I put my whole energy and thought into it,”

Interestingly, Oswald has visited the models with a bottle of wine.

orgasm photos

Source: Twitter

She further added: “It’s not just about eroticism, it’s about how we confront ourselves with sexuality, how we deal with the topic in society.”

Orgasm photos

Source: Twitter

“I want to make clear that sexuality is not just in our body. There is more than the porn industry shows.”

Human orgasms usually result from physical sexual stimulation of the penis in males and the clitoris in females.

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